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Killing me softly 

 I never meant 

To hurt the princess
If anything 
I wanted to protect. 
How can you save 
Someone from your self 
Other than to subtract 
Yourself from said concept?
I’m far too selfish
For that,
In which this jagged pill
Is hard to swallow & accept. 
I reek my Havok in silence 
While fighting the wrongs 
Until there’re all correct. 
But it seems like
We’ve come a little too far
And thus
We’re at a disconnect. 
that I love you,
My disease or sorrow 
I never meant to infect…

Mama plz



All that I want
Is to play in the garden 
Of your warmth 
And your love,
Run through the lilies 
Making wishes
Off of the daisies
While Escaping the sun, 
Then once I’m done
And I’ve had me 
My little bit
Of fun,
I can be calm 
In my loneliness
Until my heart & cravings
Can no longer carry 
By the tons.