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dont leave pt3

because im just

a man,

sometimes I let

my sin,

lead me

to do things

that I

shouldnt be


that isn’t

an excuse

I just


my peaks,

that switches

from very strong


very very weak,

just like

a bad


it has me


 out all my guts

while I grovel


my knees,

the regret

has my




all that im saying


I shouldnt be alone,

or else

all those

text messages

that come to my phone,

will lead me

to believe

that I

need to be,

with who ever





reaches out to me,

which isn’t

a good thing,

since a lot

of who I know

are a very well mix

of bad company,

begging has never


been my

cup of tea,

but I know

I messed up

& I need

you to be

right there

by my side

as you’ve always

been for me,

so lady please

im begging you

with all



don’t leave

Dont leave pt2

who’s fault is it?

im not pointing fingers,

the past is the past

and i wont let it linger,

until you tell me

that you “did your own thing”,

my thoughts are “hell nah!!!”

“how could you go out hoeing?”,

im not going to believe it

i wont even try,

lord knows your “get backs”

are when you lie,

but, if its true

im going to have to add,

murder to my list of sins

and i wont feel bad,

because one thing

i cant stand


letting another man,

take or touch

what ive already declared as my land,

im my anger i yell

to “get the fuck off”

& “step the fuck back”,

now im at an unease

and im starting to understand,

my mind is bubbling with thoughts

like “how you could you do this to me?”

im feeling like a chick

with all these “feelings”,

so finally i get

that I’ve been a jerk

and all

that you’ve been



Dont Leave

on & off fights

like day & night

at firsts its okay

it seems alright

but then like a semi

making a real tight right

into traffic

squishing everything in sight




i think to my self “oh no

how could this

be the straw

that breaks the camels dick”

burning every single

carefully built bridge

as if part of the architects

original blue print

now im wondering

now im scheming

trying to figure out

how to contain our demons

im even considering

some sort of dealing

which especially odd

since im very anti terrorist reasoning

then bam

like a magical switch

here i go again

regretting every single thing ive said

now i know my actions

weren’t too legitement

we had a little fight

so i just got a little head

dont leave

Donts & Does

simple is




but it’s never

as simple

as I

wish it was,

there’s those

who do

and those that

don’t because,

their always


for the  next one

& the next bus,

to come


at the same time again

to pick them up,

but while

your waiting

their already

doing what it is you was,

wanting to do

but instead



sitting there

like a stump/

bottle rocket

that turned out to be a dud,

so take

with urgency

a sprinkle of crack/

bum RUSH,

 you wont

feel IT

until you

feel for Touch,

that little bit

of simple

that simple


GoodBye Stranger

Goodbye my

lady dear

i wish i really

really knew thee,


of your history

so this could

roll on smoothly,

but i guess

nothing is worth


if it comes

to easy,

i like a bit

of a challenge

but not if

it doesn’t appease me,

so just

like lil’ weezy

i say dumb stuff

and then dip out,

in hopes

that it leaves

a tiny taste

of mystery

inside your mouth,

i hope you like

the GoodBook

cause please believe

God squashes doubt,

but if im barking

up the wrong tree

the i guess

ill go a different route,

i hate

losing ground

but im not one

for counting loses,

as long

as i got

your attention

im going to keep

on tossing,

the hacky sack

of tit for tat

with effects

that start with causes,

I’ve been told

that my talkin

is known to make

some people nauseous,

but even that

only makes me


with an urgency

to aid,

some how to access

your release of stress

every hurt

and every ache,

im speaking

with pure truth

please believe

im not being fake,

i pinky swear

my love goes there

but it seems

like im too late,

GoodBye Stranger

shes right next to me (want)

she’s so close

i can touch her

but of course I reframe,

from revealing

maybe not so obvious feelings

just in case she doesn’t feel the same,

when she stares into my eyes

i feel like she’s silently screaming

hurry up & ask me on a date,

but then the beauty of her being

gives me a cocky smirk

like nigga are you insane..

so im


in the middle,

with only

my thumbs

to fiddle,

killing time

while contemplating

just a little,

of some sort

of  nonchalant way

to get her to my tempo..


once I approach

my energy gets out of whack,

normally confident

but her aura

pushes it back,

like a little boy’s voice

going through puberty

I would speak & it would crack,

so off the grid

of my power

I jumped and skipped acouple tracks..

so with a slight slap

im brought down

to the earth I walk on,

im not as invincible

as i thought I was

okay okay, yeah yeah, right on,

so now I feel

like i must second think

before i go & get my walk on,

to untreated waters

that seem slippery

and far off..

she sits

right next to me

so why try to rush,

overexposed conversation

 of who/what/where/when

why push,

is the excuse that

I tell my self

to hold back from my crush,

i sit back

right next to her

so badly wanting to touch..