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Age ol’tale

All I ever wanted
Was to find a love,

But as quickly as it was found
Was how fast it dove,

Into the Pitts
Of “mmm”
“Shouldn’t of”,

The reminder
Of the side
I use
to be on,

Is it better
To have loved & lost
Never to have loved at all?

Not if that
“Lost” wound
Opens wider
With every other
Slip & fall,

Of the happening
You have to
protect your heart,

Or like those used
And abused
It’ll come back
To the start.

The world according to Garp

The quieter you become
The better you can hear,

What I can’t do is see
Quite possibly
because of all the desires
that I hold dear,

What was muffled & far away
is now very loud And extremely clear,
Goose bumps gallop when you’re close
Followed by last second hesitation & curious fear.

They say it’s better to have loved & lost,
-If that is so
my love
Get the fuck outta here!

I have no energy
To tend to your croft
For my minds moat
Forces the steer,

Into a direction
Opposite of heaven
With a cast
That unshamefully leer,

Into the souls
Of what’s consuming
-The satisfaction
of an ending
iT’s revere.