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Co Workers

They tip toe behind me

they lurk over my shoulder,

the things I say go over their head

so even more do their feelings for me grow colder,

the Good Book says to love my enemies

and pray that the Good Lord watches over,

but frankly (IDGAF) any one not with me is against me

no matter if we’re co workers,


it breaks my heart

that I come day in and day out to a place,

that I can’t stand to be

but it pays the bills so that’s “the brakes”,

I give it my all

yet they nit pick since that’s all that they can take,

away from my spirit

 since the everlasting is my cake,


I rubbed the wrong cunt the wrong way

and it seems all her drones followed suit,

got a hint that my over the phone voice

is a bullshit act that I use against fools,

which puts me in a tight spot

giving the others assholes a helpful boost,

in retrospect I should have been smarter

bit my lip

 never opened my mouth

never taken sides

 just nod your head

and wear a shit eating grin too

Another Start

in the desert

there is no water,

trails cover up and confuse

way more than they allow the ability to follow…

if the sights

remain the same,

we should probably

view them a different way…

looking back

can only damn,

the future that doesn’t

go so according to plan…

I’m up against so many

different versions of my self,

some with eyes closed

others seeing only with emotions left undelt…


or on top of,

only cramming more

of the unknown and the un thought of…

let this be

another new beginning,

another new start

with our eyes on the prize of winning…

let not hesitation

poor fatigue or lack want,

detour us from our journey

and mission to carry out our arch,

destiny is our undergarments

miss calculated turns our skid marks,

shake away what doesn’t work

and let’s make a fresh start…

Dont Look Here

i cant be

every where at once

so where ever i go

i have to leave my mark,


to seduce

just to create a checkpoint

where i can restart,

feelings of the past

leave behind

and ahead

a guilty spark,

that can ignite

at any moment

choosing the time

is what becomes

the art..


a matador

never fights the bull

unless its

a little hurt and tired out,

the element

of surprise

leaves jaws open

uncovering the mouth,

that breathes in

all that i need

to some how

get you to shout,

in pain

from my void

that it creates

even more doubt..


you’ve combed

a cleaned out your house

but i tend to leave

tinier bread crumbs behind,

that blends into

the carpets the floors

your soul

your mind,

the heart

is easy to manipulate

because wounds heal

with time,

but they also

leave gaps

that reminisce

yearning for what is no longer thine…


in hopes that

reverse psychology

triggers your



the same spots

i would when it was

just you and me,


the same words

that would set

your mind at ease,

is done not only

to appease

but to also

keep you at your knees…


give not


to what isn’t


what hurt

once before

will hurt

even worse,

the enemy


to what isn’t

so for sure,

any doubt

and hope

can be used

to make you slur,

what ever lines

that may have

taken so long

to even paint and curve,

what goes up

must come down

hence how gravity

brings us down to earth…

A Message From A Distance

faith placed

on a fortune

that many others

have received before,

some we’re

able to connect

with whats its saying

because it’s what we need and more,

so it doesnt

take to long

for our wants

to absorb,


from the droplet

that the faucet

always seems to let go


i need

I need

something to love

I have

so much love to give,

I can spend iT

all on my self

but all that does

is leave me with,

the longing

for something much more

im greedier

than a little kid,

my soul screams

gimmie gimmie

because I want to be

babied just a little bit,

I want to receive

what iT is

that I also

 want to give,

the only problem with that is

it’s a recession

and everyone’s either broke lacking the knowledge of how to love

or holding iT back keeping iT all in,

so like

a domino effect

some get knocked down

and others fall out of iT,

my need

is then viewed as a want

and then I feel 


because I wasnt

able to get

what I was so sure

id be able to convince,

I need

like an obese man starves

the hunger pains

are all in the head

all is vanity

i am but a slave

in this world, in this economy,

with the beliefs that fill me with guilt

to the views on what i think is wrong with me,

i am but a slave

to my wants,  to this society,

on what is commercially accepted

whats is pussy foot & what is put way too bluntly,

i am but a slave

to this greedy ass monopoly,

i slave the entire week just to try to rest the on weekend

so i can do all again and on to debt and pay for i hate very strongly


the truth isn’t hard to hear

it’s just hard to accept,

time is of the essence

and there is hardly any left,

there’s no time like the present

but those are prone to theft,

by those with little to nothing to do

with a strong case of hate in their chest,

the heart beats 1-2 1-2

but the mic didn’t catch it during sound check,

we repeat going off in circles

but with each spin it loses zest,

of all places where it’s not so clean

I don’t think that it’d be best,

sugar coding with sweaty self loathing

put that thought to rest,

the truth isn’t pretty but it frees Willie

if you only accept…