Best Albums of 2013

As much as I expected some of the artists on here, never does it cease to amaze me the great music rounded up.

For a hiphop/pop round up

Best Albums of 2013!!

The Musings of Frank Gallardo

Frightened Rabbit - "Pedestrian Verse"Happy New Year everyone!

The time has come to unveil the token Tfronky Best Of lists. I want to thank Stinkweeds Records for once again allowing me to contribute to its year-end book, fourth year having the pleasure to do that! If you live here in the Phoenix area please visit the store, buy a disc or ten and pick up a copy of the book. Not just for my picks mind you, there are once again plenty of awesome contributions and I personally find a new band or two to fall in love with after reading the book every year.

Here is my Top Ten list, in order, including a link to the full review on the Stinkweeds site that I wrote last year. Folks, in an age where singles seem to matter more than the full product invest some time in sitting down and listening to a full…

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