Kindred Spirits

In hopes
That you read,
I’ll allow
For my heart to bleed,
Just to show
That you stir the strongest
of magnets inside of me,
That can’t help but connect
And be in desperate dire need,
Maybe because your so well without
Or because your soul
Calls back to me…

I am ashamed
Of my past
And how they weirdly
Connect to you,
No hidden thing
Will remain a secret
Eventually all
Will see the truth…

I seek for good company
I’ve run all my affiliates away,
A terrorist set on self detonation
Seeking an arc angel to get rid of
All the demons that keep coming back home when they stray…

A heavy burden
No one wants
So I understand
Why most run,
When you push away
I can see why
The slightest of movements
Make those jump,
But I know
Love weighs more
Then the setting
Of the sun,
So my soul
Won’t settle down
Unless you tell me
That your done…

But even then
Will still be
Hard to grasp,
No one knows
For how long
Will stick & last,
Heart beats
Don’t lie
And if they bump
With the touch of my hand,
Then I’d selfishly
Come on
And take a chance…

  1. A very sweet image to go with the poem.

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