The vision
Is still blurry

I remain
Trying to see

What lies
Behind the Beauty

And what she
May hopefully be.

Our signs point
Different directions
But I know
The ride will be fun

At least For
both her and me

Learning & building
A solid structure

That will continue to help
once we’re finally free

I can’t Tell

We’re both stuck
Somewhere we don’t want be

So I search
For something deeper

And wonder what
iT could possibly mean

We’re not meant
To be alone

So why not
Form a team?

Am I getting
Any closer?
Or are you thinking
Of running?
…. ….. …..
I wait

I worry
-A smirk,

A smile
is given

And now it doesn’t

poker face

Is hard to know
so I divert…

    • madonna
    • September 17th, 2012

    Elways’ Isaiah 6:8

  1. One always wonders what is behind the mask.

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