I try to
Drift off
To sleep.
But I can’t
Help but
Think of thee.
Its dumb
And so
I swear
I don’t
Do it
What hurts me
And makes me
Internally and
Spiritually Bleed,
Is the
fact That
you Wont talk to me,
Woe Is me
And frisbee
Seems to be
The only game
My heart, my guilt
My mind, my thrill
Play in a tag team.
So since I
can’t see You here
I guess I’ll see you
in my dreams.

  1. Such loneliness in these lines…the real emotions are apparent in the poem.

    • maytahaizeus
    • September 13th, 2012

    it all ain’t saturdays and sundays, georgeous…

    (credit: curelle’s library)

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