Why… Hello there…

What an

awkward place

to meet

I admit

it says

a lot,

hands in

the cookie jar

sort to speak,


is how one

wants to be


not in the

market to shop

im in the water

just dipping feet,

too much heat

at once

can be a shock

so we rinse

and we repeat,


in not so quiet things

that are both

above us or beneath us


where the thrill is not merely

in just the chase

but also in the strategic surrender

that is given with a smile

 in your capturing

  1. For some reason this one made me chuckle…love the title and image.

  2. Wonderful poem, and a priceless photograph!

  3. this is funny.

    • anjuartwriter
    • September 1st, 2012

    strange but attractive and appealing-great variety in poetry

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