Waiting on Forever


It’s been a year
Since you’ve gone
But I’ve still
Got you on,
My mind
Is that so wrong,
Your scent
Is really that strong,
That I
Can’t carry on,
Without you
So i keep your song,
On the very tip
Of my tongue,
Where words come
And exit from,
so often
That it goes numb,
Your memory
Makes me feel dumb,
Because i’m holding onto
What is no fun,
Further crushing
What is already crumbs,
Torturing like smoke to my lungs,
Adding to a sum,
That makes me
More of,
That bastard
Son Of a cunt,
Yes i know My humor
Is treturous,
But I know you’d get it
And that’s all I’d want…

  1. Memories of lost love do seem to linger…a good verse on that.

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