Jungle vs Desert


They say you can
Loose limbs
If you mess with
A jungle cat,

I’m of the desert
So Chasing visions
Is nothing new
I am a maniac,

I beg that you
Just So that
I Can bite back,

Loose lips
Sink ships
Tight will be the lid
Unless LOUD is how you react…

I circle around calm
Sit there
Even calmer

I humble my self
In hopes
That you

IT appears You want to
Be mounted
Very Delicate
But not wanting the treatment of a flower

What lures me
Is that posses
My magnet
Raw energy power…

I’m of the desert
Followers of mirage
digging cracks of holes for drops of water
wideSpread for an oasis

So understand
The longstanding game
of staring the other down
Makes me frustrated & impatient

Im begging for claws
To swipe through my beard
Because I’ve lived in hell
There isn’t any skin left for your entertainment

However I’m ready
Pounce when tempted
I hate to guess but if I must
I’ll continue to wait #Restless

  1. A good metaphor used here.

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