Rose to the occasion

I thought she left
But she never did.
She hid away from me
Only because I didn’t give,
Her the proper attention
That She her self, had dedicated…

Towards me
But still, I didn’t see.
Expecting Abbra cadabra
To give, instantly,
She would jab for fun
But I, wouldn’t bob or weave,
So reverse psychology
Led me to believe,
That there’s something that I did,
That made her leave.
In a never ending search
For tricks up a sleeve.
But that in it self
Is just a tease,
There’s always
Going to be,
a hunger for more
If you don’t have the real thing,
Wasting your time
And your energy,
On some thing that was created

So As soon as I
Cut the thorns from the rose,
At that very moment
Light was shown and exposed,
I was able to see
What wasn’t too far down the road,
Only enticing me, more
To reach for the throne.
I want IT on at all times
Like my favorite cologne.
I pray to God she doesn’t leave
Or at least, leave me alone.


  1. i like it, its deep, i hope she doesn’t leave you either, if you’ll keep writing like that.

  2. Learning to see pass the thorns can be very difficutl but rewarding in the end…enjoyed the poem.

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