I fall so
off the edge
Of what seems
Way too steep
Far beyond
The skies
And The depths
Of the unknown sea
My heart swoons
For Last strand seams
And things
That seem to be
Way Too far away
That aren’t even meant for me
Why Do the cuts of /(-_-)\
Go in so deep
Yet those who
Have love for me
Barely even
Surface heat
We want
What we can’t have
And I don’t want that
For me
I want love
And for it to be
Just as badly
My eyes bulge out
As I say it
Because I’ve passed on
So many opportunities
But inside I know
They were meant
For practicing
Conviction for the heart
So that I know
When I’m blessed enough
To have it right in front of me
That I will fall head
Over heels
And nothing
Will get In between
So much so
I will wear it
Like pride over me
Showing it off
To the world
This is love
Be jealous of me
So easy to say
Yet so difficult
To truly mean
A privilege
Not a right
Meant to be felt
And also seen
For surely
It’s meant
to shine ultra bright
Not be hidden
Or handled discreetly
But like a faggot on parade
Proudly & flamboyantly


  1. True love is indeed something very speciall and something to be proud of.

    • defensless
    • March 1st, 2012

    So true, love this! One of your best

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