Crooked ti(me)

There isn’t too much
Time left,
Especially with so many people on the far right
Making such very wide lefts,
Technology makes it too easy
To get side tracked and lost in theft,
Downloading our morals away
Instantly and in hi-def,
Free sounds pretty good
When your starting off knee deep in high debt,
My iDevice keeps me constantly running
Making it so my stimulation sensors are getting absolutely no rest,
Important events are running off in the background
But instead of being out loud it’s set to silent,
Anything ignored for too long
Will grow angry and violent,
Wars forever on the tip of the tongue
With these elections it’s the perfect distraction,
So with so many miss directions
It’s easy to get tossed with the swept,
We can hope on the world to change
But I wouldn’t hold my breathe,
We don’t have too much time
So we know there isn’t much light left

  1. Quite like how you layered different meanings into the poem using iDevice as the medium.

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