Hold Please


Times waits
For no man
Just how man can’t wait
For the perfect time,
Things happen
Way too fast
And we have not the luxury
To press rewind…
We can do
All that we want
But we cant control
The higher power or the Devine,
All we can do
Is take hold
And pray to god
That We don’t fall off this time…
We’re giving handle bars
To grasp on to
Or the the intelligence
To think o something on the fly,
There’s nothing to fear
But fear it self
And for the most part
That shits all up in our mind…
I’m calling
Busy signals
Patience is telling me
To please hold on the line,
I’m saying
Please no
I don’t
Have the time…
This ship is leaving
With or without you
Go down like the captain
or get left behind,
It’ll be a funny thing
If the hold is brief
And history’s repeat
Makes a sudden turn this time…

  1. Although we are often called upon to make quick decisions…few decisions cannot be delayed for just a bit so we may reflect however briefly upon them.

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