prove your love (by spending excessively)

can you feel the holiday spirit?

if not, please note; the commercials are trying to help.

letting you in on all the best deals

on the items that, your family simply can’t live with out.

if you love them then you have to

that’s what this holiday is all about.

tuck in the $ign$ behind the X

and take that Christ part right on out.

tis the season for seasons greetings

and you can’t come over, unless you’re putting out.

Merry X-Mas! Happy Holidays!

everybody at a business shouts

  1. Ah…this reminds me of the Tom Lehrer song about Christmas ( ) … you might enjoy it. 😉

    • this is awesome!
      is this something new or recreated?
      the recording of it sounds sharp

  2. Lol, that’s why at looking at gift giving on Christmas.

  3. Christmas is hard on people

  4. lol, so true, particularly the best buy ads, sad!!!
    happy rally! 🙂

    • the best buy ads always get me… my favorite store

  5. I detest what Christmas has become. Cashmas.
    Good write, and love the picture!

  6. oh, yeah, I do.

    Happy holidays, what a lovely warm-up.

  7. and how true is that! the advertising, the cheerful people all sitting around their turkeys. yea…right! dysfunction is what makes the holidays! lol! great read

  8. Nice and out there saying it as it is 😉

  9. Amen!!! Commercializtion has ruined what used to be a celebration of Life. Beautifully done, Terri

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