yeah, um…

whats up with all the fuss

why is every one

soul sad?

im happy

with just my bottle

and a light burping pat on my back,

the big people

are being noisy

why are they all getting mad?

mammas always yelling

but im not to sure

who’s being bad,

I havent seen big brother

fatter of fact

where’s my dad?

the tv always has

happy families

in between all the ads,

is that whats happening here

are they going to commercial

 for just a tad?

while mama brings home

new different daddys every other weekend

like a celebrity changes fads,

I liked things

how it was

this definitely isn’t rad,


im learning as im going

from mammas clad wardrobe to being something that was “had”,

if only

i could think of something else

oh my (something shiny), look at that…

  1. What an intriguing way to discuss such a serious matter…very nicely done.

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