The Fight inbetween the seams

I’m very much a lover

more so than a fighter

so the soul of writer

is stuck in between the wire

of being a safe distance away

and butt naked next to desire

looking at truth straight in the eyes

and calling her a liar

which he knows will inflame

and make her inquire

of a way to get even

until its blood that he perspires

which only engages him

to go out and inquire

a reason and/or excuse

to pour gasoline over a lit lighter

knowing the outcome

it’s a self destruct/self-defense mechanism insider,

the repetitiveness is finally showing its age

and both seem very tired,

stuck in the middle with our intentions and actions

while the devil laughs and admires

  1. Ha…this line “the repetitiveness is finally showing its age”…is just brilliant…it clearly defines the nature of many a relationship either with an individual or a job….loved it totally!

  2. it is always a fight between truth and lies,
    use your common senses,

    fantastic write.

  3. some divine lines are here, smiles.

    way to go.

    love your persisting support to poets rally.
    hope to see you in again tomorrow, the earlier you link in, the better feedback you get from your peers.


  1. October 22nd, 2011

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