sometimes i feel like… somebodys watching me…

On the run

from a love

who just

didn’t love enough,

held against

a sliding scale

with competition

that just doesn’t add or equal up,

yet somehow

still not the winner

am I too late

or is this some sort of cover up,

can obsession

be enough

to outweigh

whats for certain to double up?

I’d hate

to sound bitter


but what the fuck?

did the mystery

reveal too much

that you’d

rather not even touch,

don’t let

the reputation

ruin what you’ve perceived

because that in it self is very tough,

not many

can partially understand

let alone

even keep up,

others from the past

didn’t/don’t have a spec of your spunk


didn’t make the cut,

you flatter me

way beyond end

so im sure that couldn’t be why

yet still, I’m very stuck,

did the bitches

of girlfriends past

figure out

what I thought I subtlety snuck,

out by whispering

sweet nothings

 in the open

social network hoes aren’t as dumb as I thunk,

all that I do

is a foot print

and I do want you

to gather them clues and add ’em up,

I can be making

references to all

or I can be

pointing to only one…

Here’s looking at you kid

  1. Social networks can profile a person in ways we didn’t expect…so glad my x’s didn’t have access to them. 🙂

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