The Chase






angels and demons

in the flesh

at the wrong time, perfect setting,


into the soul

wisdom of fear

so one is never forgetting,

how close

the far away

from believable

has got you sweating,



all signs

point to YES,

trying your hardest

to lawyer the mind

on what and why

somethings burning right through your chest,

the soul

wont let it go

the wicked never get

any rest,

dragged up and down all around

the long hour days

hiding from

our own mess,

of  the torture

and the chase

iT is

but a test

  1. Sometmes I think when we are running from evil…we’re like a little puppy…chasing his own tail in a circle. 😉

    • Fatesjoke03
    • October 19th, 2011

    Love the formatting, don’t usually like right justified poems. I think it fits really well.

    • Kay Salady
    • October 19th, 2011

    Dear Papo,
    This piece of writing is genius.
    Yours truly,
    Kay Salady, Author

  2. “It is but a test.” What a great line about choice!

  3. …Very good poem… of brief encounters with one’s own shadow.

  4. amazing.


  5. thoughtful writing.

    Happy Rally.

    if you visit 18 and comment for them, you get more feedback.

  6. Great poem. Love the structure.

  7. haunting.

    you can share with the gooseberry garden tomorrow at 2pm, where we have theme as halloween,


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