Your Attention

My Dear

you very much

have my attention,

which is a grand feat

since my mind is often in suspension,

mostly in the clouds

usually searching for something beyond the heavens,

wondering plenty of things

that right now may not be relevant,

but just in case

later on brings us to a moment,

where it’s just us

and where ever we go lays down the pavement,

of all that is right now

will be happily accepted as payment,

for all those lonely nights & missing pieces

tears dry after atonement,

I make mistakes

when I rush in fear of neglectance,

my mind following suit/jumping ship

skipping steps already asking for forgiveness,

planning to sell out

for said angel or possible temptress.

oh the rush of things

that come to me with your attention

  1. Enjoyable read this Monday morning.

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