A case of the F*** Its

I wouldn’t call it being

down in the dumps

if anything

ive had me the best of luck

caught fishes with out a net or a hook

but still my heart is struck

in a place I don’t understand

so naturally my mind is stuck

in between the months theme

which has been “I don’t give a mother f***”

which conflicts with my faith

which is to love and be there for everyone

high on just my self

and the weight is feeling like a ton

I can crawl into a ball

or just completely ignore everyone

isolation recently

has been the most fun

no one to bother me

except for those who don’t notice my mourning beard just to use me for what they want

which doesn’t bother me

since they’ll go away once their done

 I have energy for others to feed off of

but I have nothing to lift my self up

maybe its been because I havent been to church in a while

and the lack of spiritual people around me has left my edges rough

maybe it’s because I’ve been in the trenches with whores

and I’ve forgotten how to love

what ever it is I’ve caught a case of the “f*** its”

resisting the urge to tatoo a middle finger on my forehead is getting really tough

  1. This is so true at time that is all you see painted on walls and hear in songs love this but not sure I want this tattooed on my forehead

  2. Best not get the tattoo…better to have folks try and read your mind. 😉

    • xD your a 100% right! make’em work for it

  3. very emotional write- great! from me

  4. moving and revealing words…

    Happy Rally.

  5. Awesome poem! Do you think all faiths urge people to meet the standard that you are holding yourself to? Better yet, do people follow their faiths when it comes to this issue? Be gentle with yourself and you’ll come around.

    • If faiths don’t urge people to, they should… its in the word… but it creates an automatic guilt trip, which an either make me all the way for it, or a 180… As far as weither people follow their faith or not on the issue, is irrelevant, because its “what is” and not the caparison to others that matters, but in honestly when i think of that way, its make iT easier to go “f*** it”, so it helps, xP … Thank you for being kind.

  6. Thought provoking … tattoo on forehead not a good idea…. saying f–k y–
    mentally … priceless.
    Interesting rally poem … here’s mine.

  7. Been there. I like this.

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