The Last Time

You claim

this is the last time

you say

this is the last kiss,

even though

you know

we havent stopped

having moments like this,

you claim that

you aren’t mine

you say that

you belong to him,

yet on the low

we continue

to share moments

that are intimate,

I know

I let you go

and for that

I hate my self for this,

in the cold

of the night

your warmth

I truly miss,

don’t let go

of what we have


 hang on to this,

I can’t stand

the taste

of my tears

it’s too snug, it doesn’t fit,

the memory

of you

I can’t delete

or even try to quit,

it hurts

my heart

every time

I close my eye lids,

stop saying

what you’re saying

 I can’t

handle it,

lets discuss this

over a nightcap

think after

you take a sip,

this can’t be

the last time

this can’t be

the last kiss

  1. Restarting romance can be so difficult…enjoyed your post.

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