low tide

something tells me

don’t do it

I cant help it

I say screw it,

throwing my hands

out in the air

seems like a starting point

move it or lose it,

at first I

just dip my feet,

then I get

my self into too deep,

to fast to soon

jumped the broom,

now i’m not too sure

if im awake or asleep,

what right now seems like

is a dream world,

in the fetal position

in a ball curled,

I cant really tell

im not sure,

if im out in the fields

get’em soldier,

now in the

front lines standing,

my curiosity

all the more expanding,

I can play pretend

telling you everything is dandy,

but my blood flows and hormones

have me thinking randy,

which makes it

partly reason I smile wide,

you can tell what im thinking

without asking why,

I have firm belief

why blow my high,

turns out I was just asleep

and what woke me was the low ride

  1. This reminds me of those youths who enter into a relationship too quickly…something about “fools rush in…”

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