there’s something that you give me

I had a feeling that was missing,

not so much the butterflies of excitement

but more like the wanting/anticipation of kissing,

if your mind can produce such thoughts

I can only imagine what those lips do with feeling,

ive become soul very thirsty

your curiosity and fight for more knowledge, to me is very refreshing,

I am very reticent to approach you

obviously your looks give a man something that can be tempting,

but the information you divulge

gives me something a whole lot more than fleshy thinking,

I can tell and you’ve admitted

that there’s been more then some sort of pain in the past,

you make me want to be jesus with the worlds “lynching”

and take those hits for you in the flash,

all in all its ment to help you grow, even though

its taken you in circles across & away from your path,

however the good lord wouldn’t put you in such terrain

if you weren’t able to walk around in the sand,

you’ve been force-fed scriptures, policies & procedures

since the early hey days of your youth,

however these are the end of days

more than ever that  the light in you, is going to shine truth,

there’s more wolves in Sheppard’s clothing

then there are in sheep, but you can tell by how uncouth,

 they act when wanting to take their time with “things”

see how long it take for them to go “poof”,

your interests and your image

in description is but a fraction,

of all that you are and whats to be from afar

but good lord would I love the woman who has them,

something after my own heart from the start

is what we wish in the real with no faking or acting,

so until two souls come together and become whole

you my love are Missing In Action

  1. Seeing the love you want and having it are indeed two separate events…good luck with this one. 😉

  2. beautiful poetry.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh love, one of the most written about topics… I really liked the lines, “there’s more wolves in Sheppard’s clothing / then there are in sheep.”

  4. Wonderful writing. Love is such an awesome topic to expound upon. Well done!

  5. I love the form, superb writing, awesome topic

  6. :), yeahy to M.I.A

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