What we see depends mainly on what we look for

im very much

the type

to wear

my heart

on my sleeve,

but im also

very capable

of endorsing

emotions with a

giant sign that reads

no vacancy,

the route

in which

I take

all depends

on what I seek,

if I want iT

I’ll go out

running naked

if not


is what

iT will be,

I get

quite confused

with the multiple

of things

that I think and see,

is this right here

ment for fun

or that right there

ment for longevity,

am I really

this much

in control

or am I

being filled

with a


that the other

is just going

along with

getting a

good laugh

at me,

look at how



can be

  1. Ah…we all want to believe that we are in ‘control’…of course the question really is ‘are we/”

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