Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

its much


to speak

then to


by example,

if I can’t


how its done

how can I know


can be done or handled?

if you teach me

hopefully I remember

but if you



with me

then I can forever save


in my memory

of samples,

im always studying

even though

you don’t know

that your teaching

– the baby rambles

  1. Cute photo, great poem!

  2. Lovely picture and message.
    Perhaps a couple of contraction marks needed – but who cares, he’s doing the carpet!

  3. This is absolutely great! You captured in this poem how good children are for us! They make us laugh, they make us many things but they teach us too! Your poem spoke so much of this with a dose of humor! Loved it!

  4. love the little kiddo.

    very well delivered message,
    examples are good for kids growth.

  5. Lovely poem, my daughter has that same toy! Being the example and encouraging your child’s independence is so important =)

  6. The photo is just perfect for the tone and text of the poem.

  7. How true! Lovely poem 🙂

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