a back up plan to back up another back up plan

I go through out my days

trying my hardest to ignore my own reflection,

just in case I don’t like what I see

I don’t have to be hit with my consciousness hesitation,

until one day out of the blue she decides to pop out and  hit me

with a simple enough of a question,

how do you do what you do

with no remorse or any sign of stressing,

I actually do, stress so much 

I have to have  another/other back up plan for said similar situation,

that may bounce back around & inside my mind to lie

but to be damned isn’t one of my many many temptations,

so I dig another hole to cover up the hole

that just caved in,

im starting to confuse my self

this sort of thought process may need another arrangement.


  1. We often dig holes to cover up the holes we’ve dug…what was the line about “Oh what a tangled web we weave…..” 🙂

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