ive been packing



to a not so friendly

familiar place

I had been debating,

on whether or not

to do it

the recession is still effecting,

the future shifts

I take

allow me to feel the past chasing,

I just pray

to God

that his favor (stays if not) kicks in,

in time for me

and not the enemies

im afraid of facing,

I know like any man

with a laundry list

of things that are forever tempting,

that the uphill battle

with sticks and stones

don’t hit me harder than empty words laying roads beyond the pavement,

I just hope

my faith

is what will keep evil prevented,

from making any of my dents

visible or not

from being augmented,

what was in darkness

will be brought to light

and a sinner seeking redemption

  1. A different tone to this poem than previous post…I liked reading it.

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