Cinco de Mayo

did you know that the Cinco de Mayo

is the 5th of May?

that’s means because of some sort of not so Mexican but American victory

we have some (commercial) reason to celebrate today,

bring out the tacos and the nachos

don’t forget the beer “orale!!!”

it’s not freedom that we gained

just an accomplishment not too much unlike Easter

to party and drink out our brains

such a

thirsty Thursday

make it a celebration for two,

we think we’ve killed

somebody who’s taken us 10 years

to find and take care of/ pay back what their due,

check it off the list

the sky’s should appear

bluer than blue,

until we have something else

to distract us

from what we should be hearing as news.

  1. Not to worry…I’m certain some celeb somewhere will get in trouble so the news will have something else to report…enjoyed the post.

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