some can only carry what their hands can hold

just how some can only feel safe in the feeling that they fold

what people hide away only adds to the mold

of what becomes confortable creating habits of old

but if you want to break free you have to let go

  1. Most folks are afraid of letting go what is comfortable…a fear of the unknown.

  2. love your brilliance,
    powerful message,

  3. So true, and I agree with martin. It’s hard for many to let go.

  4. Words to live by. Thank you for the message and lovely rhythm in that.

  5. Beautiful topic and rhyming ends..love it

  6. Hi,
    “if you want to break free you have to let go”

    I agree with you.Beautiful poem.

  7. This is a beautiful piece that is filled with one simple truth – freedom begins with YOU!
    At least that’s how I get it…

    Thanks for sharing!
    Peace to you,

    (My entry)

  8. beautiful piece.. mindblowing stuff.. enjoyed it..

    An Ode to Friendship

    Happy Rally

    –Someone Is Special–

  9. I linked this poem in,
    what you do is to visit 18 poets from my list,
    plus return favors to those who were here.
    have fun!
    Thanks for the support.

    • likewine
    • October 22nd, 2010

    I can never write a thought in such a short poem. Really good one. Good job.

  10. Excellent amount of detail and powerful message for such a short piece.

    • missbrittab
    • October 22nd, 2010

    I really like this idea of “in order to break free, you have to let go” Very nicely put. I also enjoy how concise this piece is!

    Here is my post for week 31

  11. =D i like the little photo with the ball and chain it’s so appropriate =p

  12. i love the flow of this piece… and the wisdom it enfolds.

  13. http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/poetry-awards/poetry-awards-4-thursday-poets-rally-week-31-participants/

    poets rally participation awards.

    let me know after you are done 18 poets visiting…
    thanks a lot.
    u rock!

    • yuuki-chan
    • October 23rd, 2010

    Simple yet encompassing. Now, if only it was that easy to let go. 😦


  14. so true.. if u’ve to break free, you’ve to let go.. well said! 🙂

  15. Short and simple yet deep and very true.
    Very beautiful.

    My Rally Submission:

  16. It’s true. People should get out of their comfort zone and just let go. (That’ll be part of my “Note to Self”.)


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