doesnt add up

im so scared of my love

and how strong it gets

how could I have been

so blind/oblivious to the obvious

soul stuck on what I want

I forgot to split

two & two from one

so we all can have a piece of IT

my lady, pushes me away

to bring me even closer

attacking my inner good

to bring way, her selfish product

what’d I do, I break

so I can touch her private some-thin

just to over think the situation

and have accomplished nothing

they say the 3rd times the charm

2 down, im getting closer

im not so much mad it hasn’t happened

more or less just disappointed

how can some one(s) I didn’t care for

bring out my “we are the champions”

and the one that I truly love

only bring out discontent wrapped in flaccid

this is where my heart yearns

for a better understanding

why are the things farthest from me

 the things I want the most badly

I figured by turning leafs

IT would of given me better chances

but if anything it leaves

me more confused in a frustrated fashion

so with a strong passion

im raging in as a stead that gallops

in the pursuit to find a way

to get my 1st choice & not the back up

 off of a high horse/to love

way beyond a mattress

but even through mad calculations

things still don’t seem to add up

  1. Damn! I love your style.

    Awesome stuff.

  2. If you ever figure it out…the nature of love…let me know…we’ll write a book and make a million. 😉 Another good poem…thanks.

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